A Woman Who Will Own 5 Companies Before Forty

A Woman Who Will Own 5 Companies Before Forty

Jill Ostergren resides in New York and can get millions of dollars in commissions for a single apartment sale – and think owning 5 companies before she turns 40.

When Oprah Winfrey interviewed Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston after her daughter’s death in 2012, they sat in easy chairs right here, qt the top of a residential building in Edgewater, New Jersey, with a panoramic view of Manhattan. Cissy Houston lives a few floors down.

Ms. Ostergren is the property owner who actually lives here, but Jill Ostergren usually borrow the living room for important meetings. She has already been a property owner’s exclusive broker for seven years and soon she will sell the house for about $200 million. Her commission will make several million.

It’s been seventeen years since Jill Ostergren left Haninge south of Stockholm and at 18 moved to New York to study. At first she was the nanny, since she took all the extra work she could find – model, florist, interior designer, nightclub hostess – to finance her college studies in business administration and finance.

One time she was hired as a shoe model for the Italian shoe company Mario Valentino in New York and Las Vegas.

“During a demonstration for buyers from Bergdorf Goodman I took the opportunity when the salesman left the room for a while and managed to convince buyers to place a large order. I annoyed me that just having the humdrum jobs, I wanted to do business. When the salesman came back he was impressed at what I had done, and offered me a job right away,” says Ms. Ostergren. She then worked for Mario Valentino for two years and was responsible for the American market. The only thing she could think about was how to expand.

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