Vehicle Recall Of 1.67M On Toyota And Lexus By Toyota


Toyota Motor Corp, headquartered in Japan, announced recalling 1.67 million cars of a wide array of Lexus and Toyota models. The move is said to be aimed at nothing but an effort to prevent certain defects from harming the corporate image. The objective of the recall is to remedy three independent problems, including the replacement of a defective brake master cylinder for more reliable brake performance. The vehicles scheduled for the voluntary recall will include over 1.05 million cars domestically and 615,000 overseas. The safety setbacks are causing the company to issue a recall on such Toyota models as Auris, Corolla Rumion, Crown, Crown Majesta, Noah and Voxy, and even more Lexus models.

An official email communique issued by Toyota states that there are no known incidents brought on by faults in the vehicles. The recall can be seen as a deliberate act to restore the corporate image already plagued by a profound recall situation of 2009 which badly affected the company’s sales.

A total of 6.39 million vehicles worldwide were recalled earlier this year, an initiative that had been surpassed only on one occasion before. Later in June, the car maker recalled next to 2.3 million cars internationally, caused by defective airbag inflators, an issue not unfamiliar to other automotive manufacturers.

One issue that the present recall will have to resolve is a replacement leaky brake’s master cylinder rubber seal. For vehicles with existing leak problem of brake fluid in the master cylinder, a brake booster replacement will be made. The estimated number of vehicles with this defect is 802,000 Toyota cars of Crown, Crown Majesta, Noah and Voxy models that left the assembly line between June 2007 and June 2012.

One further issue to be addressed is defective fuel delivery pipes that are fire-hazardous when leaking fuel. That recall is issued for 759,000 cars with this fault across the world, 423,000 of them in the U.S. In certain cases both problems need to be handled.

The last cluster of vehicles in the latest Toyota Corp recall will involve 190,000 Corolla Rumion and Auris with front-wheel drive produced between October 2006 and October 2014, which are to be found domestically in Japan. The defect in these is a faulty fuel evaporative emission control unit.

The announced recall markedly improved Tokyo Stock Price Index that went up 0.8 percent at the exchange’s domestic tracking, together with Toyota shares that, too, performed better, closing provisionally 0.2 percent higher at 5,990 yen.

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