President Obama’s Credit Card Rejected by NY Restaurant

President Obama Credit Card Rejected by NY Restaurant

Even the president of the United States can come to meet refused credit card.

It was Barack Obama himself who told this story, between the laughter of those present, explaining that recently, when he was in New York, at the time to pay the bill in a restaurant his credit card was not accepted.

“I do not use it frequently enough,” Obama said, and then the paper at the time of the electronic verification, issued a piece of paper saying “suspicious”, to utter surprise of most important man in the world.

“Luckily, – said the president of the United States – Michelle had hers.”

The anecdote was told by Obama at the signing of a presidential executive order to increase the protection of consumers in the United States with regard to electronic transactions and the protection of personal data.

Meanwhile, a little less than a month before the election of the Congress, the President has to deal with the advance of the Republicans, who are flying in the polls, while the rate of Obama’s popularity has dropped to forty percent.

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