Kurds Parachuted with Weapons and Aid from the U.S.

Kurds Parachuted with Weapons and Aid from the U.S.

The American military has parachuted time weapons and aid to Kurdish fighters who defend Kobane for the first, the predominantly Kurdish Syrian city besieged by jihadists of the Islamic State.

Weapons, ammunition and medical equipment were provided by the Kurdish authorities in Iraq, as reported by Centocom, the American command center for the Middle East and Central Asia.

Between Saturday and Sunday there were made ​​11 air strikes by the US-led coalition, bringing to 135 the total number of bombings designed to halt the advance of the Isis, said the Centcom. “Combined with a continued resistance on the ground”, these raids “have killed hundreds of fighters and destroyed or damaged” numerous positions at Isis, although the situation of the besieged city remains “fragile.”

The battle for control of the third Kurdish city of Syria, where the jihadists are able to penetrate October 6, meanwhile, continues street by street. The Islamic State was able to advance a little towards the city center while the Kurds are pushing east, according to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

Kobane in the Kurdish city of Syria, on the border with Turkey, is again at the center of the fight at Is, and Washington and Ankara arrive two important decisions in support of Syrian Kurds besieged in the city. Turkey, after weeks of uncertainty, gave the peshmerga fighters of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan the green light to pass to Kobane through the Turkish territory, responding positively to a request made by the Kurdish President Massoud Barzani.

The plan to allow the peshmerga militias to join the YPG (the Security Unit of the Kurdish people) in the defense of Kobane would be ready, developed by the same together with Minister Barzani peshmerga Erbil, Mustafa Sayid Qadir, and Saleh Muslim, leader of the democratic union Party (Pyd, the main political force in Syrian Kurdistan where the YPG is the armed wing). The meeting between Barzani and Muslim had taken place last week in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan.

In the face of this news coming from across the border, the Is launched a broad counteroffensive on Kobane and in northern Iraq. The militant Islamic Army launched simultaneous attacks against 16 Kurdish forces in an attempt to recover lost ground in recent weeks because of the air raids of the United States and allies. In particular, the jihadists have launched attacks in the Mosul dam, very important from a strategic point of view, and in the Nineveh Valley.

The main Kurdish armed group in Syria thanked for weapons and ammunition received from the Americans and said he hoped more support from Washington. The material “will have a positive impact on the course of military operations and certainly hope still more support,” said Redur Xelil, spokesman for the Protection Unit of the Kurdish people.

The United States have given advance notice to Turkey of the intention to deliver weapons to the Syrian Kurds, to which the government of Ankara looks with great suspicion because of their ties with the Turkish Kurds. On the thorny issue, the US president, Barack Obama, has called the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and announced the plans of Americans. “We understand the concerns of Turkey,” said a spokesman for the American administration, “but the Islamic state is a “common enemy” of both the United States and Turkey.

The Kurdish militiamen in Kobane / Ayn al-Arab call for the opening of “safe corridors” inside Syria to connect the city with the other two Kurdish-majority areas in the north of the country. In an interview published yesterday by the pan-Arab daily Hayat, Isso Ocalan, the Kurdish military commander of the forces of Kobane, called for the opening of two corridors to Afrin, west of Aleppo, and with the region of Hasake. “We have tens of thousands of troops and heavy weapons to Hasake and Afrin. We just want them to get here,” says Issus.

There were five car bombs – including two in the area of Kerbala, a city considered holy Iraqi Shiite faithful – have caused 54 deaths today in Iraqil partial budget of the five attacks occurred during the day today.

Pope Francis has returned to launch an appeal to urge the international community to take action against terrorism in Iraq and Syria is touching “dimensions previously unimaginable” and Christians “are persecuted and had to leave their homes in a brutal way”, unfortunately, “to the indifference of so many.” For Bergoglio “this unfair” and “very worrying” situation requires “an adequate response from the international community.”

The long battle to conquer Kobane is fraying the jihadists of the Islamic state that, however, “will never accept to lose,” they told the Wall Street Journal and Kurdish leaders US sources, according to which the siege in place since mid-September in the Syrian city has put a strain on the supply lines of the jihadists, has caused heavy losses among the fighters with more experience and has challenged the entire expansionist strategy of the Is. Activists present in Raqqa, a stronghold of the Is in Syria, told the Daily Use of appeals every day from mosques in the city to collect the blood necessary for the wounded warriors in hospitalized citizens, and children as young as 12 years recruited from the State Islamic to go to the front. In recent days, the Pentagon reported that “several hundred” of jihadists were killed in air raids launched in support of Kurdish fighters involved on the ground; according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, there would be more than 370 victims in the ranks of the Is.

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