France Postpones “Until Further Notice” Mistral Delivery

France Postpones Until Further Notice Mistral DeliveryThe first PCBs, Vladivostok, was originally to be delivered in October. According to Moscow, the second helicopter carrier, Sebastopol, whose delivery is scheduled for late 2015, was to be launched in mid-November.

Insoluble diplomatic-military problem that arose since the French presidential decision on 4 September, to link the delivery of the first ship to a political settlement in Ukraine, the Mistral had seemed to benefit from more favorable winds before the situation became tense once again in separatist East.

Despite a cease-fire, the Ukrainian army says at least 150 of its soldiers were killed in two months. Both sides accuse each other of not respecting the truce. Since the beginning of the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine, in April, clashes have left more than 4,300 dead, according to the UN.

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