Defective Airbags: Honda Recalls 570,000 Vehicles in China

Defective Airbags Honda Recalls 570,000 Vehicles in ChinaHonda could recall up to 13 million vehicles worldwide in this case started in 2008.

The first recall, directed by two Honda joint ventures in China, Dongfeng Honda and GAC-Honda, will run from February 28 and will involve 553,264 sedans and minivans produced between May 2002 and June 2014, said on Tuesday, December16, the General Administration of quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (Asdiq) – China’s regulatory authority.

This has been caused by a possible failure of the affected vehicles, the driver’s side front airbag, likely to break its protective case when it swells, while projecting into the interior metal and plastic fragments that can seriously injure passengers, according to the administration.

The Asdiq also reported another recall of GAC-Honda – the Japanese joint venture group and Chinese Guangzhou Automobile – of 16,505 Fit compact cars produced between October 2002 and December 2003, for a similar problem with passenger side airbags.

Takata criminal investigation in USA

When recalling 6 million vehicles in the United States, Honda had already indicated that 1 million cars around the world, especially in China and Japan, would be added to that long list, reaching a total of 13 million units recalled worldwide since the beginning of the case, in 2008.

The recalled vehicles have airbags deemed dangerous, manufactured by Japanese supplier Takata. Second largest manufacturer of airbags, with 22% market share, Takata is under pressure after the revelation of dozens of incidents, including several fatalities – both confirmed by Takata and mentioned by the press – related to its production of airbags in 2000s.

Eleven manufacturers are affected, including Toyota, which had already announced on Thursday a recall of 185,000 vehicles in Japan and 5000 in China, which amounts to more than 3 million in the number of cars involved in his case.

To date, between 16 and 20 million vehicles have already been recalled worldwide, including 10 million in the United States where Takata is subject to a criminal investigation conducted by the department of justice. The US Agency for Road Safety had given Takata time until December 3 to Japanese OEM to recall all of its vehicles with airbag models, but it has refused to make such a recall.

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