CIA Advice for Crossing Borders Revealed by WikiLeaks

CIA Advice for Crossing Borders Revealed by WikiLeaksDo not have an unkempt, air and do not pay cash: these are some of the advice given to spies by the CIA to cross borders, published on Sunday by WikiLeaks and Rue89.

The two documents, dating from 2011 and 2012, are classified secret and “NOFORN”, which means they cannot be shared with intelligence services of allied countries, said WikiLeaks. They hold a series of tips for going abroad and avoid thorough checks at airports and border crossings.

Some are obvious, like not paying in cash for one-way ticked the day before the flight. Others are based on common sense: be well placed when traveling with a diplomatic passport.

Coherent and plausible coverage

It should also stick to his coverage. “One day in the early morning security officers in a European airport searched a CIA agent for control purposes, writing a document. Although they did not give any reasons, too scruffy attire that was inconsistent with the diplomatic passport holder might have caused the control.”

The baggage of the agent was tested to see if they contained explosives test which proved positive. Despite further questioning, the officer stuck to his coverage saying he was dealing with terrorism and was able to continue his journey. “A consistent coverage, well learned and plausible, is important to avoid such thorough checks and to survive them,” says the CIA.

Identification threat by European states

In a statement, WikiLeaks says this example “imposes a question: If training [anti-terrorism] supposed to explain the traces of explosives was only a cover, why was the CIA agent in an airport [of the EU] with traces of explosives and why was he allowed to continue his journey?“

One of the documents shows that the CIA is also concerned to see the introduction in Europe of biometric checks for holders of US passport, which poses an “identification threat,” in terms that it makes it more difficult for agents to travel with false documents.

Sunday circulation of these documents is the second in a series about the CIA. “The CIA has carried out kidnappings in European countries, including Italy and Sweden, under the Bush administration. These guides show that under the Obama administration, the CIA still intends to infiltrate the borders of the European Union and conduct covert operations in the EU Member States,” writes Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. This organization is responsible for the distribution in 2010 of 250,000 US diplomatic cables and 500,000 military reports classified “national security secret”.

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